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El Mundo (Spanish pronunciation: [el ˈmundo]; lit. 'The World'), formally El Mundo del Siglo Veintiuno; 'The World of the Twenty-First Century' is the second-largest printed daily newspaper in Spain. The paper is considered one of the country's newspapers of record along with El País.

@radjshi shared his/her opinion about reading El Mundo online on App Store in April 2020:

"A lot of ads and micropayments, taking into account that every 3-4 news they put an add or when entering the app or when entering some news, it seems to me an abuse that they also force you to pay to read some news".


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Favio Chadrick says

"This paper is biased towards PP, so it will attack any rivals of them. If you know that, and that the press quality is really low, it will publish news other rags refuse to and will instead try to hide. The comment section is easily the best part and the only reason i give them 3 stars. It has a lot of "right wing" and center people, and as long youre not going in with bad faith or calling names you can have a good discussion with them. Its frequent for the comment section to call out the papers bull too. There is a mixed bag with all kinds of ideologies but they dont try to drive out people that don't think like them, arguing instead. This is rare in a Spanish community"

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